Saturday, April 10, 2010

Row...Row...Row your boat

Believe it or not, I always was fascinated with rowing. I remember going to the gym and I would seek out the erg (rowing machines) before I go on any machine. Actually it was the only machine I care to go on. It's also one of the few exercises I want to do. No way I can do aerobics or kickboxing. But I'm seriously considering joining the Austin Rowing Club.

Today was free rowing day and I had a great experience at the Austin Rowing Club. They were nice and helpful. I somewhat freaked out when we left the port. I was worried about going into the water. But I relaxed and tried my best to row. It is somewhat difficult because you have to get into the rhythm and it's all about technique. But it's really fun.

I highly recommend them if you want to learn rowing here in Austin.

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