Thursday, April 29, 2010

Confessions of an Unrealistic Crush

I'm in for it. His name is (for the sake of hiding his identity) Jesse Sibley. A handsome football player that played college football. Technically Jesse is a wide receiver in case any sports fan wanted to know what position he played. Tall and athletic which is one of many ways you can describe him. I guess importantly he's a good Christian man. The tall, athletic and handsome are what most woman look for in a man. I prefer men with a sense of humor and intelligence (but not to the point where he becomes some pretentious jerk).

But when you see Sibley, all those traits seem to go out the window and you just see what's on the surface. More likely athletes, as same as famous people in general, love their significant others to be beautiful just like them.

So why in God's earth I would fall in love with Jesse Sibley. I'm not at all athletic. His whole family is athletic outdoors type of people. Sibley would never touch me with a ten foot pole.

(to be continued)

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