Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yoga for you and only you!

I was meaning to write this blog when I read this article on Jezebel.com which was something I relate to.

I started yoga when I was fresh out of college. I needed to do some exercise and I was horrible in team sports. I remember when I was young I was teased and hassled for my athletic ability. I thought I didn't have any but there was this one product mentions there's an athlete in all of us.

I did yoga at a local LA Fitness and this yoga instructor named Lola was eccentric. She did know her yoga practice. The only problem was she favored the flexible, skinny people over the ones that weren't. She would place "good ones" in the front as an example. So eventually I felt left out but for some strange reason I kept practicing with her. So I stopped taking yoga with her and gave up for the next 4 years.

I moved to Austin TX and I found Yoga Yoga. There the teachers were more supportive than the one I had previously and I gained my confidence back.

But no matter what place you choose to practice yoga, make sure you find a teacher that is willing to work with and understand your limitations. A teacher should never favor one person over another. Importantly - YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE!

Yoga is not competitive which was the reason I stuck with it and I love it.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been addicting to rowing and being a part of the Austin Rowing Club. Also I've been dealing with the hell of owning a home and trying to stay cool in the heat. One of the many things that I'm grateful for taking rowing is that I become acclimated to the heat. Thank god....