Thursday, December 9, 2010

I feel like Sydney Carton right about now

If you read "A Tale of Two Cities" you would know what I'm talking about. But in any case I'll elaborate more on that.

Long Lapse Isn't It

God I felt like a fool. I shouldn't have given you the music. You already had music. You are marrying a well-established musician. She's a country musician, blonde. Damn what the hell was I thinking giving you Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes and Sufjan Stevens. Oh I know what I was hoping to be your muse.

Believe me I was real saddened when I saw the woman you are going to marry. Unfortunately I found the photo. I felt like an ugly duckling. Of course you are a glamourous football player. What on earth would you be doing with a young artist who's working class.

Throughout Thanksgiving I was tempted to throw my photos and the football jersey over the Congress bridge into the Colorado River. I felt so useless.