Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Love It!

The last couple of nights I was hanging out with my friend/co-worker and watch the NFL Draft. I guess it was one of the events where it holds me over until the football season starts. Was sad that Colt McCoy didn't go in the first round? But why on earth did Tim Tebow went ahead of him...I will never know. If I were these football players waiting to be drafted, I rather sleep through it and wake up in the next morning so someone would say, "Good morning, you are playing for...."

Well I was mostly concern about Jordan Shipley. I honestly wanted him to go to the Titans or Cowboys. When the those teams grabbed WR, then I wondered. It was a shock and is still a shock that he went to the Cincinnati Bengals. I don't know if I can be a fan but it'll take time. Maybe I should have been a bengal for Eeyore's Birthday Party in homage to Jordan going to Cincinnati. I was too busy though.

This morning I volunteered for the Texas Roundup. I talked to a freshman from Westlake High. So I mentioned about Drew Brees went there. He said the day after the school declared it a holiday and everyone had to wear some Saints t-shirts and if they didn't they were sent to the Principal's office where they were given t-shirts to wear for the day. I love it!

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